Planning your experience

Before you come

The day of your tour

  • Charger your phone 100%. The App uses GPS on cellular data and will use a fair amount of your battery and about 30 MB of data.
  • Come to Clawson Hall on Western Drive on the Western Campus. Clawson Hall is across from Thompson Hall.  [see map]
  • Bring earbuds and a partner. Earbuds help hear the audio and a partner can help you navigate and make decisions.
  • Come ready to walk: this is the civil rights movement so be ready to move!
  • Troubleshooting on-site.

After your experience

  • For more information about Freedom Summer, check out the Freedom Summer Digital Archive:
  • You can download the “Notes” left by your group by going to this link and input the date of your tour to download a excel file. [Access/download backpack file]
  • Civil Rights Movement Curricula Links [Under construction]



The ARIS app only works for iOS devices and it requires a (3G/4G) cellular data plan.  If you want to take the tour, we can meet you on the site with devices to loan.  Please contact one of us below.

Ann Elizabeth Armostrong

Elias Tzoc