Troubleshooting tips:
These are some common problems that we have encountered during playtests. You can usually “swipe up” and “restart” a tour to by-pass most software glitches you experience.


Problem: The Map doesn’t match the paths and sidewalks in front of me.
Solution: Due to recent construction, the google map image does not match the current path and sidewalk configuration. Be aware of traffic and safety!
Problem: No audio.
Solution: Check phone settings and use earbuds or headphones.
Problem: Battery ran out of charge.
Solution: We can lend you set of portable chargers if you are with a large group. Contact
Problem: Video won’t play.
Solution: Check to make sure wireless is turned off and you are playing on a cellular network.
Problem: There is nothing on the map and I don’t know what to do.
Solution: 1. The player may have neglected to “tag” a note with the proper tag that unlocks the next event. Swipe out of game and “Resume” to try to leave a note with the correct tag.
2. The software might not be communicating with the server (due to outages or updates). Swipe out of game and hit “Resume” or “Reset.” If you select “Reset,” your progress will be lost.
Problem: I can’t see the map, but only a grid.
Solution: The map needs to buffer and load and/or the player zoomed in or out too fast.
Problem: I got a black screen and couldn’t do anything.
Solution: Restart the App by swiping up and pick “Freedom Summer.” Hit “Resume.”

Using the Game Picker:
Click on “Near by” to see the current games list. You may have to click on another category and then “Near by.” Or search for “Freedom Summer.”